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NEW! The Tropical Tunic

Fashioned by Gelmi to give you five wearing styles in
just one beautiful Batik Fabric creation - perfect for all occasions

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Womans' four inch brim sunblocker

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Handmade Balinese Batik Fabrics

* Loose, flowing style fits women
   of all shapes and sizes

* Bright tropical colors and designs

* Easy care rayon that travels well

* Perfect beach, resort, leisure wear and at home

Five Tropical Tunic Styles Slideshow

Details about Tropical Tunics

Tropical Tunic Customer Support Information

Medium (mid-calf length)    $35

Long (ankle length)             $40

customer supportDesigns by Gelmi


Five Tropical Tunics Styles Slideshow About Tropical Tunics Sunblocker Hats Twitter